What We Do

—ThoughtSavvy Marketing works with you to turn even the most complex ideas into crisp, powerful narratives designed to engage audiences.

When your brand is concept-driven, your unique ideas are your number one marketing tool. But they’re complex and interwoven. How can you best package them to engage your audience and clients?

From blogging and publishing Op Ed pieces to writing a book, the possibilities are endless.

Our team of authors, ghostwriters, journalists and PR pros will work with you collaboratively to turn even the most complex ideas into crisp, powerful narratives designed to engage audiences—boosting your discoverability and success.

we distill your message, wordsmith it, then amplify it across multiple channels, boosting your discoverability and success.

Let’s chat so we can choose the strategy that best fits your needs, mixing and matching from our spectrum of talents:

  • Strategically developing and writing blogs, newsletters, Op-Eds, LinkedIn articles and SEO-rich web content.
  • Generating news coverage, from on-air interviews to features and Op-Eds.
  • Developing book ideas and proposals.
  • Securing speaking engagements.
  • Creating and carrying out social media campaigns.

See a sampling of the results we generate here.

Our team is led by Sharon Bially, a novelist-turned-PR-pro who founded BookSavvy PR in 2012.

In a former life, Sharon was an economic policy pro at the OECD in Paris, then worked in corporate PR, leading campaigns for firms such as Booz & Co. (now PWC), Contango Capital Advisors (now Zions Wealth Management) and LivHOME. When BookSavvy’s authors began asking for help marketing their business thought leadership, ThoughtSavvy was born.

Allison Hadley and Lauren Hathaway, ThoughtSavvy’s chief thinkers, writers, researchers, multi-passionate creatives and tornadoes of ideas, have a special knack for discovering and articulating the core message in every concept—then spreading the word about it far and wide.

we identify the combination of channels that best fit your unique expertise and goals—from blogs and newsletters to Op-Eds and on-air interviews or…maybe even…a book.